Hi! I'm Lauren A. Nepomuceno, just call me 'Lauren'. I offer business consultation/strategy, years of experience, and passion. I am very excited about all things technology, startups, great people with even greater stories, and fighting the good fight. As you can see from my portfolio, I'm heavily involved with several nonprofits and in those cases I offer my expertise pro bono. Data Analytics is another of my passions where I have experience building dashboards for BI, analyzing product data, website optimization, and all things events and social (planning, growing, starting, strategy, partnering, you name it!)

Outside of work, I am a big fan of photography (which is kinda work), photoshop (also work), music, comedy, collecting vinyl, rocking at a concerts, smart conversations, binging on netflix, cooking like a wannabe Alton Brown, and working with down to earth people with cool ideas (all work). I hope to get in touch with you and learn more about your adventure!